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Chamblee consulting services grew out of a sincere interest on the part of Marquita Chamblee to help people in whatever ways she could. It began as a resume writing service back in 1980.

"Over the years I wrote dozens of resumes for very little or no fees." Marquita recalls. "And over that time many of those people came back and told me that it was their revised resume that got them noticed and ultimately helped them get interviews and job offers. It was very gratifying to hear. I still enjoy helping people put their best foot forward both virtually (through various multimedia strategies) and in reality (in person/face-to-face.)"

While resume writing was something Marquita did on the side, her primary work responsibilities involved working at universities planning, implementing, and evaluating a wide variety of educational programs. As good as she was at the administrative side of her job, one key source of satisfaction came from teaching and mentoring people of all educational levels, ages, and backgrounds. From high school students to Ph.D.s and early to mid-career professionals, Marquita has enjoyed offering a listening ear, thoughts and suggestions, and the occasional gentle push people have needed to move forward toward their goals. Her interest in coaching grew out of her experiences working with so many diverse and interesting people.

Always a learner, Marquita was qualified in 1998 by the Association for Psychological Type to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, in 2005 certified as an Educator from Holistic Management® International, and in 2006 completed coach training from the Coaches Training Institute. Her 25+ years in academia, and along with these and other educational and training experiences led Marquita to create Chamblee Consulting Services.

Although the primary offerings for individuals is coaching and consulting services, Chamblee Consulting Services still offers resume evaluation and writing. Currently CCS is developing a series of workshops for coaches and other professionals on using the Myers Briggs in enhancing their work with others.

Working with other diversity consultants, Marquita is working to create solutions for organizations seeking to strengthen the recruitment and retention efforts and create supportive and inclusive environments for people of diverse backgrounds. She is involved in co-creating tools and strategies for helping people understand diversity at personal, interpersonal, institutional, systemic, and universal levels. She is also developing specialized coaching programs for individuals in institutions and organizations, with a focus on providing support services for people of color.

The vision for Chamblee Consulting Services doesn't stop with Marquita. In the future, she hopes to bring together other talented people to expand the range of solutions offered to individuals and organizations. Stay Tuned!


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