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Since 2007, Marquita has offered coaching services through Walk in Your Power Life Coaching. Coaching is a partnership in which client and coach come together to discover and advance the client's goals and desires for her/his life. In co-active coaching, the role of the coach is not to tell the client what to do and lay out a plan for how they're going to do it. Rather, coactive coaching assumes that each individual already has their own answers and the coaching process is in part about helping to uncover them.

"The expression, 'walking in your Power' speaks to the belief that each of us are powerful people and we can tap into and literally walk in that energy, that assurance of who we are. "Marquita explains. "When you can discover it for yourself and begin operating from that place of power, things will align for you in amazing ways."

Let Marquita help you take the first steps toward finding your power and (re)claiming your life passion. Click here for more information about Walk in Your Power Life Coaching. You can sign up online for a complimentary coaching session with Marquita or call (248) 850-7722 .

Walk in Your Power! Dive into Your Dreams!


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