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Marquita T. Chamblee, Ph.D.

Summary of Skills and Experiences

I have been directly engaged in higher education administration since 1983, when I began studying for my Ph.D. During that time I have been fortunate to work in a number of different roles and develop a wide variety skills. I've included a brief vita summarizing my educational background and work experience. I've also participated in very diverse training---from Myers-Briggs qualification, Holistic Management ®, Co-Active Coaching, and now Co-Active Leadership. I really am a lifelong learner; and all this training has also allowed me to strengthen my natural talents and develop new ones. I've tried to summarize some of that into what follows to give you some sense of who I am.

Personality Traits, Working Style, Key Skills

Over the years, I have grown confident and comfortable with my personality type, learning and working style, and key skills and abilities. Generally, I am a quiet, reflective individual. In new situations, I often listen quietly until I gain a sense of what's being discussed, and spend a few moments reflecting on what I am hearing before I choose to speak. As an introvert, I process a lot of my ideas internally, often through writing first, then orally.

I am a creative, visionary thinker, and can see possibilities in just about any situation. When I work one-on-one with people, I have the ability to ask questions that help individuals derive the information they need from and for their lives. Beyond working with individuals, I am equally comfortable addressing matters at the classroom, program, department, or organizational levels, offering strategic direction about issues, challenges, possibilities, and outcomes.

I am a good writer and oral communicator. I have written papers, policies, grant proposals, resumes, and other professional and academic pieces. I also write poetry, fiction, children's stories, and songs. I have given speeches, presentations, and musical performances, taught classes, workshops, etc. in front of small groups, classes, conference audiences, and music lovers. I am comfortable working one-on-one with students, colleagues, and leaders, and enjoy collaborating with diverse groups of people on a variety of issues and activities.

Selected Areas of Experience and Expertise

Coaching and Interpersonal Connections

Between February and July 2006 I began and completed the coach training program through the Coaches Training Institute.

As a coach I meet people where they are and help them get to where they want to go.

Among the gifts I offer to clients:

  • Curiosity and deep listening:
    I may spend more time than I "should" listening to clients' stories; but I've found that first and foremost people want to know that they are seen and being listened to.

  • Focused intention---a promise to be fully present with each person I interact with.

  • Sincere desire to help each person become the best self they can or want to be.

Diversity and Pluralism

While building my coaching practice, I am also consulting with colleges and universities and organizations on issues related to diversity. I dedicated the majority of my 27-year academic career to enhancing opportunities for persons of difference to achieve their maximum potential. I have worked almost entirely with postsecondary institutions helping them develop programs to recruit and retain students and faculty/staff of color into academic degree programs and professional positions. I have worked with high school students all the way through PhD candidates. I have also spent a great deal of time working with white students and professionals helping them develop awareness of issues facing people of color. I’ve included more information on my diversity consulting background here

Writing and Communication

I spend a lot of time and energy communicating-through writing: fiction and nonfiction, as well as poetry, blogging and music-and through the use of presentation tools and software I’ve created curricula, helped enhance people’s web presence and assisted on a wide variety of projects and initiatives. I love writing both for my own self:expression and for helping others present themselves. Songwriting has also been a lifelong passion. In the coming months I’ll be sharing some of my music via a special Chamblee Music website. Stay tuned for that (pun definitely intended!(


While it's odd to think of parenting as an area of expertise (and while my children might question my level of expertise) it is nevertheless an important role I've fulfilled and an experience base I continue to draw upon. As a parent, I have always sought to love, encourage, nurture, empower, instruct, and guide my children. I have drawn upon the fullest extent of my patience, experiences, and knowledge of life to provide them the tools they need to achieve happiness and success in all they choose to do. I have learned a great deal from both of them and continue to be amazed at who they are becoming---the fine young man and young woman I've always known they could be.

Final Thoughts

Mission Statement

My mission statement continues to evolve. At last writing, here's what it said:

As a visionary thinker, educator, and communicator, I seek to direct my gifts, talents, skills, and experiences to create growth and learning opportunities for all people; and to empower others to create and take advantage of the opportunities around them.

Among many mottoes/credos I've been exposed to, this one by Helen Keller comes close to expressing what I would consider a good personal credo:

"I have learned four things in life: to think clearly without hurry or confusion; to love everybody sincerely; to act in everything with the highest motives; and to trust God unhesitatingly."


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Summary of Skills
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