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Who's Who in Our Organization:
Unlocking Peoples' Potential
through the Power of Personality Type.

What do you really know about the people working in your organization? Why does it seem that some teams function effortlessly and efficiently, while others seem sluggish and unproductive? While there are a number of potential reasons for differences in performance from one individual or team to the next, sometimes the answer is as simple as personality type or style differences. Likewise, you may find that supervising a particular person is smooth and comfortable, while working with another feels very different--rocky and adversarial. What is it about them, and equally important, what is it about you that contributes to the easy connection over here, and the conflict over there?

For leaders and managers directing the work of individuals or teams, it is important that you understand both of who you are as a leader, and of who composes your various work teams. Gaining insights into your personality is an important key in understanding your employees--what makes them tick, what motivates them and where they do their best work. How do they interact with teammates, what blind spots do they have, where are their work responsibilities out of alignment with their strengths? How can you as a leader help them maximize their strengths and enhance their effectiveness as individuals and members of the team?

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© (MBTI) as a tool, this day-long workshop will help you understand more about your personality--how you take in and process information and use what you learn to help you make decisions. What are your strengths as a person, and how do you bring those strengths to the work you do? Deepen your understanding of the impact your personality type on the effectiveness of those working with and under you.

Who's Who in Our Organization will also provide you with tools and experiences for working with individual and teams in your organization. How can understanding the concepts of personality type help you assist those working under you to be more effective in the organization? If you truly develop a deeper awareness of your own personality as well as more knowledge about who the people are in your organization, attending this workshop is a big leap forward.

If you want to achieve even more success in using the power of personality type in your organization, you may want your employees and teams to also participate in the Who's Who workshop or have Marquita Chamblee come to your company and tailor a personality workshop for your organization.

Individuals who may be interested in taking the MBTI can contact Marquita Chamblee for more information and schedule for Who's Who in Our Organization workshop.

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