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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) is a powerful tool to help you understand more about your personality--how you take in and process information and use that information to help you make decisions.  What are your strengths as a person, and how do you present those strengths to the world?  How do your personality traits compare with and compliment those of other people?  How can you leverage your strengths and minimize your weaknesses?  Deepening your understanding of who you are and how you interact with others is a key to knowing how to move more comfortably in the world.  The MBTI® also allows you to learn a bit more about other personality traits that differ from yours--helping you think about what makes other people tick.

Using the MBTI, Marquita Chamblee will walk you through they four key elements associated with personality type and how each of these operate in your life and those of people around you.  The complex interactions of the four traits makes up part of the dynamic individual you are.

Marquita is certified to administer and interpret the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® and has worked with individuals and groups, leading classes and workshops on how the MBTI helps unlock the power of your personality.  If you are interested in taking the MBTI and learning more about your personality type, contact her for more information.


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