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Understand Yourself, Understand Your Clients:
A Workshop for Coaches and Consultants

What makes you tick? What sometimes ticks you off about other people? For coaches and others who work one-on-one with individuals or with teams of people, it is critically important to have a good sense both of who you are as a professional, and of who your clients are. Self understanding--learning what "makes you tick," how you are out in the world, and how you perceive the world around you--is an important key in understanding your clients and what makes them tick. How do they present themselves in the world, what blind spots do they have, where are their strengths out of alignment with their passions? How can you as coach/consultant help them build upon their strengths, open up their vision of themselves, and align their strengths with their passion?

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© (MBTI) as a tool, this day-long workshop will help you understand more about your personality--how you take in and process information and use what you learn to help you make decisions. What are your strengths as a person, and how do you present those strengths to the world? Deepen your understanding of how you interact with others and how you bring various personality traits into your coaching.

Understand Yourself, Understand Your Clients will also provide you with tools and experiences for thinking about and working with your clients. How can understanding their personality type preferences help you be a better coach? If you truly want to bring the full impact of your dynamic personality into your coaching or consulting practice, attending this workshop is a big leap forward. You will leave with detailed information about your Myers-Briggs© personality type, as well as ideas and suggestions for working with clients who have different (and even similar!) personality types. If you are interested in having your clients take the MBTI and learn about their personality types, contact Marquita for more information.


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